Hydraulic Nipping Press Machine

The nipping process is for reducing or knocking out the swell in the spine of a thread sewn book block, being prepared for Hard-Case or Soft-cover binding, adding in the firmness, solidity and enhanced quality of the finished product book.

Excessive swell is reduced by clamping the book-block, the spine is pressed hydraulically to a set pressure, adjustable with a manometer to suit the paper in use so all books of the same lot will have uniform spine thickness.

Pressadorsi is equipped with two pressing stations that are fed alternately by a single operator, who works in complete autonomy.

The single book block is inserted manually inside the pressing plates, in a vertical position and with the spine down. The hydraulic pressing system starts and the book block is pressed on both sides ensuring an efficient pressing of the folded and sewn book.

Book-block width max. 380 mm
Book-block spine max. 90 mm
Book-block spine min. 10 mm
Hourly production max. 1000 c/h
Hydraulic pressure (adjustable) from 25 to 100 bar
Pressing force max. 4000 kg
Electrical supply 400 V - 50 Hz – 3 ph
Power requirements 1.5 kW
Dimensions L x W x H 70 × 90 × 110 cm
Net weight 280 kg