Automatic folding & sewing machine

The automatic folding and sewing machine Digieffect is suited for the production of sewn books starting from sheets digitally printed and with shorts runs.

It is composed of two units connected in one compact solution: a folding machine MG 14 and a thread sewing machine GFS 14. The MG 14, equipped with continuous bottom-loading automatic feeder, performs the folding operation of flat sheets printed in digital, making single accumulations of four-page folder in sequence and obtaining the signatures that are introduced into the GFS 14 and sewed. The two units are connected in line by a simple electrical connector, both equipped with all the protections according to the current safety standards. Magnetic sensors and micro-switches control the operation of the system from the feeding of the sheets to the exit of the sewing unit, and stop the machine in case of error.

Simple operation, compact dimensions, double sheet control with an ultrasonic sensor without adjustment, integrated creasing, easy format change, are essential conditions for managing the machine with only one operator.

PLC and touch-screen control panel allow quick and easy programming of the processing cycle and the composition of the book.

Optional GFS 14:

  • Possibility to use the sewing machine in semi-automatic function

Optional MG 14:

  • Sequential control by detecting black mark on the back of the signatures

Max. flat sheet size 380 x 540 mm
Min. flat sheet size 150 x 200 mm
Load capacity of stack 1000 sheets approx. (depends on the weight)
Max. accumulations speed 250 sheets/minute
Max. signature size 380 x 280 mm
Min. signature size 150 x 100 mm
Max. mechanical speed 90 cycles/min
Number of stitch positions 8
Stitch length 24 mm
Air consumption 60 Nl/min at 7 bar
Standard voltage 220 V or 380 V - 50 Hz or 60 Hz – 3 ph
Power requirements 6 kW
Dimension L x W x H 320 x 150 x 175 cm
Net weight 1250 kg